Catering Grease traps
... commercial kitchens & canteens

  catering industry

Sewer Guard™ provides safe and cost effective grease traps to control pollution from catering waste polluted by the following kitchen activities:

  food preparation  [peelings, off-cuts, solids],
  cooking  [grease, oil, spillage, floor wash water], and
  cleaning of equipment (pots, pans crockery, cutlery, dishwashers).

Our equipment includes under sink grease traps, floor drains, sludge catchers, large grease traps/interceptors and sample points.

The regulations are categorical in the requirement for separation of solids to be carried out in a separate compartment from, and prior to, the separation of oils and fats. A grease trap system therefore comprises of four units: a floor drain (1), a solids catcher (2) followed by the grease trap itself (3), and a sample point. (4)

For the sake of South Africa's water systems... please ensure that your catering wastewater is as  "green" as possible.


SANS 10 252-2 [National Building Regulations] defines the minimum requirements for grease traps for catering and food processing businesses.
The following institutions are affected.
  canteens at factories
and offices
  conference centres
  food manufacturers
  golf courses
  pubs and inns
  schools and colleges
  shopping centres
  sports venues
  service stations
  take away outlets

  The controlling regulations are incorporated in SANS 10 252-2 Revised; covering sewerage and drainage as part of the National Building Regulations. If you'd like a copy of the regulations click here